Noun. 1. an unfilled space; a gap.

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2. Design and technology agency.

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I have a life long passion for art and design and love the process of creating. I love the agony of searching for a solution and I love the times when everything clicks into place. The journey is the reward.

Music. Influences everything I do. From the Beastie Boys to Tom Waits via Bad Brains, Fugazi and plenty in between. Everything in my life is soundtracked.
Film. The escape of it.
Sport. Season Pass Holder at Murrayfield cheering on a resurgent Scotland with my wife.
Inspiration.  Kim Gordon, Finn Russell,  Adam Yauch, Stephen King, Patrick Caulfield, Pablo Picasso, Kathryn Bigelow, Ian Mackaye, Chris Cornell, Judy Murray, Jonathan Ive, Aaron Swartz, Spike Milligan, Mo Salah, Jordan Peele, Stuart Hogg, Steven Spielberg, Jordan Henderson, Nicola Sturgeon, Michael Gira, Bjork

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